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Coming along nicely but I forgot

One other debt, K-Designs (GEOnline card) Account. I had it closed. I owe them for sliding doors I had put in in 2004. Balance owed 1488.34 down from 4600.00. Maybe I will try to get another SCEL from the FCU. I can put both those debts (Target and GEOnline) onto their 13% instead of 22% […]

Secured Credit Card Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a “good” company to obtain a secured credit card from? Or suggest one to avoid? I will be using the card only for business travel, mostly for rental car expenses. Rental cars seem to be the most difficult to get with only a debit card. I’ve just start doing some research on […]

The Statute of Limitations

I would think that the Statute of Limitations is up on this. It cannot show up on your credit report after 18 years…. don’t worry about that and if it does – contest it. A nice certified, registered letter to the collection agency in question with “I am well aware of my rights under the […]

Question on an old traffic ticket that has appeared

Hi Guys, I have a question. I have learned a lot from this group and yesterday, I had a phone call out of the blue…. We recently filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy and we are on a very strict budget. I have been getting everything paid in full that was left out of the bankruptcy…. Anyway, […]

On a lighter side of Chase

Sometimes you really have to wonder about the intelligence of companies like Chase. I was executor for an estate where the woman died partially insolvent. That is, Chase wound up settling for about 11-cents on the dollar because that was all there was left in the estate under Georgia law. Signs of their intelligence? The […]

Please Help Me

I am new to this great gray wall gallery blog and I am hoping someone can help me out here. I have thought of setting up a donation website, or some other form of help. I owe money for my car, pay pal, car insurance, past internet bills, credit card, my bank, my family, my […]

The B22 form

A B22 form is a complicated form and you need to fill out the ENTIRE form before a decision is determined regarding the means test. The B22A form is for determining eligibility for Chapter 7 and B22C determines how much money you have to pay into a chapter 13 plan. I have NOT filed for […]

Has anybody used a CCCS agency to get out of debt?

Has anyone gone through a agency program with over $125k in card debt? If you CAN pay, but not the high interest and minimums, is not the CCCS agency a safe way to go? Bankruptcy (ch 13) lawyer wanted $5,400.00 up front, cash. No way, what a load of crap. I want to pay […]

I posted this a while back but will re-post it

This has been my stradegy for the last year and it is working wonders- My credit score is a solid 750 now and my debt is really melting fast. So hear it goes. I pay my credit cards 4 times a month- it is intersting to manage but you will see a benifit the very […]

Has anyone else noticed?

Has anyone else noticed that it’s impossible to get new cards with a large enough limit to transfer balances? We currently have a chase cards with 16.99 percent that I don’t think we’re making any progress on. Does anyone have any advice for me? What if I’ve lost my income? Is a loan modification possible […]