Secured Credit Card Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a “good” company to obtain a secured credit card from? Or suggest one to avoid? I will be using the card only for business travel, mostly for rental car expenses. Rental cars seem to be the most difficult to get with only a debit card. I’ve just start doing some research on secured cards, and know that I need to be careful of the fees that some charge. Thanks.

There are several national rental companies which will take a debit card. Check into it yourself.

why bother posting if you don’t care to offer anything useful. I said I was starting to check into it, and was just looking for any useful suggestions.

I have used Enterprise but if you have a debit card, they pull $300 out of your account as a deposit or something.

P.S. I think if a company expects you to travel they should give you a credit card rather than you having to front them the money. They can afford it 😎

At banks and here at the mall they sell mastercards that you prepay on. It might be less expensive to go this route if it’s possible to pay up front. I am moving to China for work next week. i understand that over there, credit cards are basically not used. there is a card similar to what you describe, where you put the money that you are going to spend into it every month and you cannot go beyond that, sort of like a debit card. i am looking forward to this because i will pay off all of my credit cards and not use them. the rate of savings of the Chinese is high compared to that of Americans. I like Orchard Bank too.

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